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98 The .Life Of Faith. by fuch names, as we are fain (for want of other words) to apply to God (the things lignified being tranfccndcntly and unexpreffibly in God, but the words Grf} tared of, and applied to the creature.) But the fameGod hath fo demonf }rated his Power, and Wifdom, and Goodneß in the Creation of the ma_ terial or corporeal parts of the world, that they arc the re- frigia and infallible proofs of his caufation and perfe&ions, (being loch as no other caufe without him can produce) but, yet not fo properly called his linage, as tohis Wifdom and Goodneß, but only -of his Power. But no wife man who fecth this world, can doubt whether a God of perfea Power, Wif- dom and Goodnili, was the maker of it. Even fo the perfon and dodrinc of Chriff, or the Chriffian Religion obje lively co=.fidered, hath fo muchof the Image, and fo much of the damonffrative impreffions of the Nature of God, as may fully affure us that he himfelf is the approving caufe. And as the Sun hath a double Light, Lux e7 Lumen, its effential Light in it fell, and its emitted beams, or communi. sated Light ; fo the Spirit and Image of God, by which Chris# and Cbriftianíty arc demonf}rated, are partly that which is effential, conffirutive, and inherent, and partly that which is font and cemarurricatedfrom him to others. In theperfonof Chriff there is the molt excellent Image of God. I. Wonderful Power, by which he wrought miracles, and commanded Sea and Land, fen and Devils, and railed the dead, and railed himfelf; and is now the glorious Lord of all things. 2. Wonderful Wifdom, by which he formed his Laws, and Kingdom, and by which he knew the hearts of men, and prophecied of things to come. 3. Molt wonderful L,ve and Goodnoß, by which he healed ail difeares, and by which he faved miferable fouls, and procured our happitoefs at fo dear a rate. But as the effential Light of the Sun, is too glorious to be well obfervcd by us ; but the emitted Light is it which Both affix ourcy4..s, and is the immediate objehf of our tight at 'cat} that we can belt endure and ufe; fo the Efential Perfe- ffions of Jefus Chrif},arenot fo immediately and ordinarily fit for our obfervation and- tale, as the leffer communicated beams, whichhe lint forth. And theft arceither inch as were the imm diate