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The Life of Faith. 99 immediate effeéts of the Spirit in Chriti himfeif, or his perfos nal operations, or elfc the eñcds ofhis Spirit in others : And that is either Cush as went before him, or fuch as were prefent; withhim, or fuchas followed after him : Even as the emitted Light ofthe Sun, iseither that which is next to its Efforce, of that which areameth further to other creatures : And this fail is either that which it fendeth to us before its own ap- pearing or riling, or that which accompanieth its appearing, or that which leavcth behind it as it fetteth or pafïcth away Co mull wediflinguith in the prefcnt cafe. But all this is but One Light, and One Spirit. So then, I fhould in order ¡peak r. Of that Spirit in; the words and works of Cbrift himfelf, which conffitutetb the Cbri- f ian Religion. 2. That Spirit in the Prophets and Fathers be- fore Child, which was the antecedent light. 3. That Spirit inChrifis followers, which was the concomitant and fubfe- quent "Light or witnefs : And r. In thofe next his abode on earth : And 2. Of thofe that are more remote. CHAP. IV. The Image of Gods Wifdom. I. A ND fire, obferve the three parts of Gods Image, or imprefs upon the Chrittian Religion in it felf as con- taining the whole work of mans Redemption, as it is found in the works and dotrine ofChrift. s. The WISDOM of it appeareth in thefe particular ob- fervations (which yet (hew it to us but very defe&ively, for want of the elearaefs, and the integrality, and the order of our knowledge : For to fee but here and there a parcel of one entire frameor work,and to fie thofe few parcelsas diflocated, and not in their properplaces and order ; and all this but with a dark invertedfight, is far from that full and open view of themanifold Wifdom of God in Chrift, which Angelsand fu- periour intellects have.) r. Mark how wifely God hath ordered it, that the three Effentiaiities in theDivine Nature, Power, Intelleaion and Will, 0 a Omni-