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The Life of Faith. so. And when the Divine Monarchy is apt in the order of Government, to communicate Come Image of it felt to the Creature, as well as the Divine Perfeiliant have communicated their Image to the Creatures in their Natures or Beings, how wifely it is ordered, that mankind fhould have ene univerfal Vicarious Head or Monarch ? There is great reafon to believe that there is-Monarchy amongAngels : And in the world it mofthpparently excelleth all other forms of Government, in order to Tinily, and Strength, and Glory : and if it be apter than fome others to degenerate intoopprefng Tyranny, that is only canted by the great corruption of humane Nature : and therefore if we have a Head who bath no filch corruption, there is no place for that objee`kion. And as it is not credible that God would make no communication ofthis Image of his Dominions in the world ; fo it is certain, that betides the Lord Jcfus, the world hath no other Univerfal Head (what- ever thePope may pretend, to be an Vniverfal Vicarious Mo- narch, under the Vniverfal Vicarious Monarch.) Kingdoms have their Monarchs fubordinate to Chrift ; but the world bathnone but Chrift alone. a 1. And howmeet was it that he who was theMonarch or Deputy ofGod, anuld be allo the Mediatour ! and that a pol.. luted inner dwelling in clay, fhould not come immediately to God, but by aReconciler, who is worthy to prevail. 12. And when we had loft the knowledge ofGod, and of the world to come, and of the wry thereto ; yea and of our film too, and our own immortality of foul ; howmeet was it that a fore Revelation fhould fettleas ; that we might know what tofeek, rand whither to return, and by what way ! feeing Light mutt be the guide of our Love and Power. And who could fo infallibly and fatisfadorily do this, as a Teacher Cent fromGod, ofperfed ea knowledge and veracity, 13. And when God intended the free forgivenefs of our fins, how meet was it that hewho wouldbe the Mediatour of our pardon, fhould yield to thofe terms, which are confftent with the ends of Government, and expofe not the wifdom, andveracity, and ¡Ace, and the Laws ofGod to the worlds contempt : If no mark of odioufnefs fhould be put upon fin, nor any demonftration of Jatileebeen made, theDevil would have