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The Life of Faith. 103 have triumphcd,and faid, Did not I fay truer than God ? when he told you ofdying, and I told you that you fhould not die ? And if thegrand penalty had been remitted to the world, for four thoufand years together fucceflìvely, without any tuffi- cient dcmonftration of Gods Juuiice undertaken, why should any finer have fearedHell to the worlds end ? If you lay, that Repentance alone might be fufficient, I anfwer, a. That is no vindicationof the Suffice and Truth of the Law-maker. 2. Who thould bring a (inner toRepentance, whole heart is corrupted with the love of fin ? 3. It would hinder Repen- tance, ifmen knew that God can forgive all the world upon bare Repentance, without any reparation of the breaches made by fin, in the order of the world. For if he that threatneth future mifery or death for fin, can abfolutely difpenfc with that commination, they may think that he may do fò' as eafily byhis threatning of death to the impenitent. If,you fay, that Tbreatnints in a Law, are not falfe, when they are not fulfilled, becaufe they (peak not de eventu, but d; debito gene ; I anfwer, they (peak directly only de debito but withal', he that maketh a Law loth thereby fay, This(had be the Rule of your lives, and of my ordinary Sadgement. And therefore confequently they (peak ofan ordinary event allo : And they are the Rule of tuft 7udgeatent, and therefore Su- ffice muff not be contemned by their contempt. Or if any (hall think, that all this proveth not a dentonlira- tion óf7uftice on the Redeemer to be ablolutely necethary, but that God could have pardoned the penitent without it ; isneverthelefs manifeft, that this was a very wife and con- gruous way : As he that cannot prove that God could not have illuminated, and moved, and quickened the inferiour fenfi:ives without the Sun, may yet prove that the Sun is a noblecreature,in wholeoperations Gods Wildom,and Power, and Goodnels do appear. 14., And how agreeable is this dotrine of the Sacrifice of Cbrift, to the common dotrine of Sacrificing, which path been received throughout almoft all the world ! And whocan imagine any other. original of that prat` ice, fo early and fo univerfally obtaining, than either divine revelation, or form- what even in nature, which- beareth w,itncfs to the neceflìty of, 1