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108 The Life ofFaith. performed and given to all true Chrrttians to this day: To which may be added, all the Prophecies of the extent ofthe Church; of the converfiora of the Kingdoms of the world co Chrill; andof the oppoftions of the ungodly fort thereto; and of the perfccutions of the followers of Chrifl, which are all fu'tilied: d. The WISDOM of God alío is clearly manifefled in the concatenation or harmony of all there Revelations : Not only that there is no real contradiction between them, but that they all corjuntly compote one entire frame : As the age of man goethon from infancy to maturity, and nature fitteth her endowments ano provilons accordingly to each degree; fo bath the Churchproceeded from its infancy, and fo have the Revelations of God been fuited to its feveral times : Chrift who was promifed toAdam, and the Fathers before Mofes, for the firti two thoufand years, and figníficd by their Sacri- fices ; was more. fully revealed for the next two thoufand years, by Mofes firs in a typical Gofpel (the adumbration of thegrace to come) and then by the Prophets, (cfpecially Ifaiah, Micah, Daniel and Malachi) in plainer predictions. And then came John-Bapiff the fore runner, and Chriff the Meflìah, and the Spirit upon the Apofiles, and finifhed the Revelation: So that it may appear to be all one frame, con- trived and indr ed by one Spirit. And the efeas of it have been according to thtfedegrees ofthe Revelation. And the end of the world (whether at the end of the lati two thoufand years, or when elfe God pleafeth) will (portly thew the unbelieving themfelves, that the period (hall ful- fill what is yet unfulfilled to the leafi jot and tittle. CHAP. V. The Image of Gods Goat/tuft. I!.irsH E fccond part of Gods Image on our Religion, is that of his matchlcfs GOODNESS. The whole fyffeme of it is, the harmonious expreffion of GODS HO- LINESS and LOVE. The particulars I mutt but name, left I be too long. I. The