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The Life of Faith. 107 the holyScriptures thefe feveral waits : r. In the Revelation of things paff, which could not be knownby any mortal man : As the Creationof the world, and what was therein done, before man himfclf was made : Which experience it felt doth help us to believe, becaufe we fee exceeding great probabi- lities that the world was not eternal, nor of any longer du- ration than the Scriptures mention : in that no place on earth hathany true monument of ancienter original ; and in that humane Sciences and Arts arc yet fo imperfe 1, and fuch im- portant additions are made but oflate. 2. In the Revelationof things defiant, out of the reach of mans difeovery. So Scripture, Hifory, and Prophecy do fre- quently (peak of preparations and actions of Princes and people afar of. j. In the Revelation of the[wets of mens hearts : As EliJha told Gebeziwhat he did at a diflance : Chrifi told Nathaniel what hehid, and where : So frequently Chtift told the Jews, and his Difciples, what they thought, and [hewed that he knew the heart of man : To which we may add, the (catching power of the Word of God, which doth fonotably rip up the fecrets ofmens corruptions, and may thew-all mens hearts unto themfclves. 4, In the Revelation of contingent things to come, which is molt frequent in theProphecies and Proteijes of the Scripture not only in the Old Teftament, as Daniel, &c. but alío in the Gofpel. When Chrifi forctelleth his death and rcfurrc ion, and the ufage and fucceffes of his Apoftles, and promifeth them the miraculous, gifts of the Spirit ; and foretold Peters thrice denying him; and foretold the grievous dcftradionof Jerujalem, with other fuch like clearprediâions. 5. But nothing of all theft predidions doth thine fo clearly to our (elves, as chofe great Promifes of Chrift, which are fulfilled tooar fclves, in all generations. Even the Promifes and Prophetical defcriptions ofthe great work of Converfion, Regeneration or Sant&ification upon mens fouls, which is wrought in all Ages, just according to the delineations of it in the world : All the humblings, the repentings, the delres, the faith, the joyes, the prayers, and the anfwers of them, which were foretold, and was found in the furl Belicvers,,are P 2 performed