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--.- ------ The Life of Faith. meat, anddrink, and luff, and fports, and wealth,and worldly honours ; that the Love of God, and the felicity of the foul, in Grace andGlory, may be preferred before the pleafure of a Swine. And is not that good, which calleth us up to the grearelf good, and will not allow m to be fuck enemies to our (elves, as to take up with the leffer ? 14. Yea, when we have mo(f, it flill engageth us to feck more : And will not allow us to take up with a low degree of grace, or with a little meajure of the greateff good : But to thew that Grid would have us to be Rill better, and to have more, it is made our duty fill to alit more, and Hill to prejs higher, and labour to be better. Asking in prayer is made ourdaily work ; and Gods giving, and our receiving may be our daily blefTednefs. 15. The mercies here provided for us, extend both to foul and body : For though we may not prefer the lets before the greater ; yet we (hall have it in its place : If we leek fir(i the K cgdom of God, and its righteoutnefs, and labour fir( for the food which never peritheth, all other things (hall be added to us : We (hall have then to do us good,but notj:o do us hurt. For godlinefs is profitable to all things, having the promife of the life that now is, and of that which is tocome, >. Tim. 4. 7,8. &6.6. 16. And the future pellet! Goodnefs, may invite us topre - fent imperfel3 Goodneja, the Promifes of the Gofpel do fecond the Precepts, with the frongef motives in the world : fo that evcrlafingbleffednefsand joy, is made the reward of tempo- ral (incerity, in faith, love, andobedience. And if Heaven it fell benot a reward fufficient to invitemen to be good, there is none juficiene. 17. Yea the penalties and feverities of theChriflian Religion, do (hew the Gocdnff of it. When God doth therefore threaten. Hell to fave men from it, and to draw them up to the obe- dienceof the Gofpel Threatned evil of punifhment, is but tokeep them from the evil of fin, and to make men better : And he that will teflifie his hatred of finful evil to the highef,. doth thew himfelf the greatef enemy of it, and the greaten lover of good ; and he that fetttth the tharpef hedge before us, and the terrible warnings to keep us from damnation,, Both: