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1 t 2 The Lire of Faith. 'doth (hew himleif moti willing to fave us.. is. So good is Chriftianity, that it turneth all our of i5 ions unto good : It affareth us that they are lent as needful medi- cine, however merited by our fin : And it dire cth us how to bear them ealily, and to make them fweet, and Cafe, and pro- fitable, and to turn them to our increafe of holinefs, and to the furtherance ofour greatest good, Hrb. 1, to 13. Rom.8.18. 2 Cor. 4.. 16, 17, 18. 19. It alto ttablifheth a perpetual office, even the fatted MiniJiry, for the fuller and Carer communication of all this good forementioned. In which ()Verve there particulars, which (hew the greatnefs of thisbenefit. 1. The perfons called to it, mutt (by Chrifts appointment) be the wijJl and Sell of . men that can behad. 2. The number of them is to be fuited to the number of the people,. fo that none may be without the benefit. 3. Their work, is, to declareall this foremention- ed Goodnefs and LOve of God to man, and to offer them all this grace and mercy ; and to teach them to be holy and happy, and to let before them the everlasting joyes. 4. The manner of their doing it mutt be with humility, as the fervants of all; with tender love, as Fathers of the flock ; with wif- dom and skill, left their work be fruflratc ; with the greatest importunity, evencompelling them to come in; as men that are loth to take any denyal ; and with patient enduring all 'oppoliitions,. as thofc that had rather fuffer anything, than the peoples fouls fhall be unhealed, and be damned ; and they muftconrinue to the end, as chore that will never give up a foul as defperate and loft, while there is any hope : And all this mutt be fecondcd with their own example of holinefs, temperance and love,Alis 20. z Tim. 2. 24, 25.Mattb,22.8, 9. zo. Sogood isour Religion, that nothing but doing good the work in which it doth employ us. Befides all the good of piety and feifprefervation, it requireth us to live in love to others, and to do all the good in the 'World that we are able, Epbef. 2. ro. Mar. 5. 16. & 6. r, 2, &c. Titus 2.14. Gal. 6. 7, 8, 9. Good works mutt be our Rudy and our life : Our work and our delight : Even our enemies we mutt love and do good to, Mat. 5.44. ltom. a 2. 19, 20, 21. And lure that do- Urine is good, which is purpofely to employ men in doing good toall, 21. So