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IP4 The Life of Faith. e Cor. 1. 1. & 2. t. t. Heb. 3. 13. 1 7bef 5. 12, 13. That ho- ly Affemblics employed in the holy love and praifes of(sod, might be a reprefentation of the heavenly Jerufalem CM' 2.. 5. 27. It doth make the Love and Vision of all the Saints to be CoJfriet, that the mercies and joyes of everymembee,might extend to all: All the corporal and fpiritual blellings of all the Chriflians, (yea and perlons) in the world, are mine as to my comfort, as long as I can love them as my foil: If it would pleafe me to be rich, or honourable, or learned my fell, it mutt pleafe me allo to have them fo, whom I love as my felt. And when motions have fo much matter for my joy, how joyfully fho.,ld I then live! And though I am obliged allo to forrow with them, iz is with fuch a tòrrow only, as ¡boll not hinder any fatonable joy, tCor. 1 z. 28.. In there focietics, every member is bound to contribute his help to the benefit of each other; fo that I have as many obliged to dome good, as there be Chriftians in the world ; at leaft, according to their fe -eral opportunities and capaci- ties ; by prayer and fuch diftant means, if they can do no more. And the Religion which giveth every man fo great an intereft, in the good of all others, and engageth all men to do good to one another is evidently good it tclf, a Cor, a . Epbef4, 15, 16. 29. And all this good is not deftroycd, but advantaged and aggravated accidentally by our fn : So that where fin abound- ed, there grace did fuperabound, Korn. 5. 15,16, 17, 18, 19. Grace bath taken occafion by fin to be Grace indeed, and to be the greater maniletiation of the goodnefs of God, and the grcAter obligation for gratitude to the Gnner. 3o Lafily, All this Goodnefs is beautified by harmony; it is all placed in a perfet`>I order. One mercy doth not keep us from another ; nor one grace oppofe another: nor one duty exclude another. As it is the great declaration ofMercy and Jujtice wonderful'y confpiring in God ; (Macy fo oled as to rnagrifie 3ulfice ; 7uftice fo tired as to magnif.e Mercy, and not oily fo as toconftt) fo allo it workcthanswerably on us : It fetteth not Love again(} filial fear, nor joy againft necrfrry förrom, not faith ágainti repentance, norpraife andtbanklgiving agatnii