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The Life ofFaith. I15 againfl penitent confeffionof fin, nor true repentance againti the profitable ufeofthe 'creatures, nor the care of our fouls againti the peace and quiet of our minds , nor cRre for our families, againti contentednefs and tradingGod, nor our la- bour againti our neceffary rest, nor felf- denyal againfl the due care of our ownwelfare, norpatience againti due fenfibility, and lawful paf lion, nor mercy to men againfl true juflice, nor publick and private good againti each, nor doth it fat the duty of the Soveraign and the Sublet*, the Matter and the Servant, the Pafior and the Flock, nor yet their interef, in any contrariety ; but all parts of Religion know their place andevery duty (even thole which teem mod oppofite) are helpful toeach other; and all interctis are co-ordinate; and all doth contribute to the good of the whole, and of every . part, Eye( f.4.2,3, 15, 16. And nowperufeall this together (but let it have more of your thoughts by far, than it hath had of my words) and then determine indifferently, whether the Chriflian Religion . bear not the lively Image and fuperfcrip;ion of . GOD the prime effential GOOD. But all this will be more manifest, when we haveconfider- ed how POWER hath in the execution, brought all this into erred. CHAP. VI. Ilse Image of Gods Power. III. `¡NE third part of Gods Image and fteperfcriptionon 1 theChritiian Religion, is his POWER: And at mans own corruption lyeth more in the want of Wi/dom andGood- nef?, than of Power; therefore he is lets capable ofdifccrning God, in the impreffìons of his Wifdom and Goednefl, than of his Power feting therefore he is here molt capableof sen. :Ojos, and acknowledging the hand of God , I (hall' open this alto in the fcvcral parts, in fame degree. a. In the hiflory ofthe Creation, the OmnipotencyofGod is abundantly fat loath; which is :proved taut, both by the Qa agrecablenefs