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The Life of Faith. mutable; and he that is poffefled one with the dalires of things fpiritual and eternal, would quickly loll thofe delires, and turn to prefent things again, (which are dill beforehim, while higher things are beyond our fenfe) if the Power and Blfivityof the divine life, did not preferve the (park which is kindled in us. Though the doC vine of Perf verance be con- troverted in the ChriftianChurch, yet experience affurcth us of that which all parties are agreed in : Some hold that all true Chriftians perfevere; and Come hold that all confirmed Chriiitiansperfevere (that is, thofe whocome toa thong de- gree ofgrace) but thofe that think otherwtfe do yet ali grant, that ifany fall away, it is comparatively but a very few, of thofe who are fincere. When none would perfevere if Omni- potency did not preferve them. 2o. Laftiy, The POWER of God alto dothconfequently own the Chrif ian Religion, by the Prefervation of the Cburcb, in this malicious and oppofing world (as well as by the pre. jervation of grace in the foul) which will be the more appa- rent ifyou obferve, a. That the number of true Chriftians is [fill very (mall in comparifon of the wicked. s. That all wicked men are naturally (by the corruption ofnaturc) their enemies ; becaufe the precepts and pratr`ticeofChritlianity are utterly again(( their carnal minds and interetts. ;. That the doctrine and practice of Chrittianity is lidl galling them, and exciting and fublimating this enmity into rage: And God doth by perfecutions ordinarily tell us to our smart, that all this is true. 4. That all carnal men are exceeding hardly movedfrom their own way. 5. That the Government ofthe Earth is commonly in their hand, becaufe of their numbers, and their wealth. For it is commonly the rich that rule; and the rich are ufually bad ; fo that the godly Chriflians arc in theirpower. 6. That all the Hypocrites that are among our (elves, have the fame finful nature and enmity again( holinefs, and are ufually as bitter again(( the power and pratifice of their own profeffion, as open Infidels are. 7. That Chriffianity is not a fruit ofnature; Non nati fed faäi fumus Cbriftiani, laid 7ertufian. And therefore ifGods Power prelerved not Re- ligion, the degenerating ofthe Chritfians children from their Parents mind and way, would batten its cxtint$ion in the R 2 world. 123