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124 The Life of Faith. world. 8. And as it is a Religion which muff be taught us ; fo it rcquircrh or conIflcth info much wifdom, and raillingnefl, and fortitude of mind, that few are naturally apt to receive it; becaufe folly, and badnefs, and feehlenefl of mind are fo common in the world. And as we fee that Learningwill never becommon but in the poffiffion of a very few, becaufe a na- tural ingenuity is neceffary thereto, which few areborn with ; fo would it be with Chriflianity, ifDivine Power maintained it not. 9. And it is a Religion which requireth mach time and contemplation, in the learning and in the pradifing of it: whereas the world are taken up with fo much bufincfs for the body, and arc fo flothful to thofe exercifes of the mind, whichbring them noprefent fenfible commodity, that this alfo would quickly wear it out. ro. And then the terms of it being fo contrary to all mens flefhly interet and forte, in [elf- denyal, andfor/eking all for Chriti; and inmortifying themoti beloved fins, and the world putting us to it fo ordi- narily by perfecution ; this altowould deter themoft,and wa- Til out the r+;ti, if the Power of God did not uphold them. hat which is dote by exceeding induffry, againfi the inclina- tions and interefl of nature, will have no contderabie number of pra6 ifers. As we fee in honks and dogs which are ca- pable with great labour, ofbeing taught extraordinary things in the femblance ofrcafon : And yet becaufe it muti col/ fo much labour, there is but one in a Country that is brought to it. But (though the truly religious arc but few incom- parifon of the wicked, yet) godly perfous are not jo fewas they wouldbe, ifit were the work of induliry alone. God maketh it arm new nature to them ; and (which is very much to beçbfcrvcd) the main change is oft-times wrought in an hour, and that after all exhortations, and the laboursof Parents and Teachers have fnlcd; and left the (inner as Teem- ingly hopelefs. And thus I haveChewed yo1, 1. That ourReligion objet`five Ay taken, is the Image of axis WISDOM, GOODNESS and POWER, and thereby fully proved to be fromGOD. z. And that our Religion fubje4ivcly taken, is anfwerably the Spirit or imprefs of POWER, and of LOVE, and of SOv VN- DERSTANDING, and is in us a ttontlant feat and witnefsto the truthofChrifi, CHAP.