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The Pr ace. rately direct the mindforpra(ice: Or at leaf$ if I had f oken all thole Tire ions in a copiows applica. tory Sermon flyle, it would havefwelled the Book to a rvery tedious coftly (volume : ,And Afeition muft not too much interpofe when - the Judgment is about its proper work. Andbeing done in the be. ginning, it may be the better fj arecl afterward. 4. if it offendyou that Iopen the Life ofFaith. infomewhat an un1foal manner, I anfnerfor my f èlf, that if it be Methodical, true and apt for ofe, Ido that which I intend : And on a fubjeaJo. frequently and fully handled, it were but an injury to the Church, to fay but the fame which is Paid already : Mr. JohnBall, Mr. Ezekiel Culverwell, and Mr. Samuel Ward in a narrower roombarve done exceeding well upon thisfubject. Ifyou have nothing more than they hovePaid, read their Books only, and let this alone. 5. If it offendyou that the Direction are many of themdifficult, and thehie requireth a flow confide. rate 12eader, Ianfwer, thenature of the fubjelE re quireth it ; and without rvoluminous tedioufnefs, it cannot beavoided. Blaine thereforeyour unprepared ignorant minds ; and whileyou areyet dull ofhear- ing, andfo make things hard to be uttered to your undemanding, becaufe you hai-vepill need of Milk, an cannot digeftfthongmeat : but mußagain a 3 be