Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

The Pteface. be taught the principles ofthe oracles of God, (Heb. 5. ii, 2,13,14.) thinknot toget knowledge without hardRudy, and patient learning, by hearing nothingbut whatyou know already, or can under ft by one hafty reading oever ; left you dbfèorver a cons junEion of flothfulnefs with an ignorant and unhumbledmind : Or at leaft, if you muff learn atfo cheap a rate, or eye. flick f till inyour Milkand your Beginnings be not offended if others out- go you, and think knowledgeWorthy of muchgreater diligence ; and if leaving the principles we go on towards perfe4ìion, as long as we take them along with us, and make them the life of all that followeth, while we fèem to leave them : And this we will do, if God permit, Heb. 6.1, 3. Feb.3. 1669. R. B. The