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162 The Life of Faith. folly maketh them dcfpffc the wifdom ofGod. I have given you elfewhcre Come intlances about the immortality of the foul : They know not what Generation is ; they donot know it : nor what are the true principles and elements of mixt bodies; nor what is the truc d ffercnce between imtnateri.l and material fubllanccs ; with an hundred fuch like : And yet Come expc&, that we thould facritice the moil certain ufeful truths, to their fatfe or uncertain ufclefs fuppofitions, which is the true rcafon why Pahl faith, Col. 2. 8, 9, to. Beware left anyman fp,nl you through Philsfopby, andvain deceit (not true Philofophy, which is the true knowledge ofthe works ofGod, but the vain models which every Sett of them cryed up) after the tradition of men (that is, the opinions of the Maters of their Seas) after the rudiments of the world, and rsot after Chrift: For in himdwelreth all the fulnefi of the Godhead bodily and ye are compleat in him. See A. 17. IS. It is Cbrifl who is the kernel and fummary ofthe Chriftian Philofophy; who is therefore called The Wifdom of God, t Cor. t. a¢, 30. both bccaufe he is the heavenly Teacher of true Wifdom, and be- erufethat true Wifdom confttleth in knowing him. And in- deedeven in thole times, the feveral Sets of Philofophcrs ac- counted much ofeach others principles to beerroneous ; and the Philofophcrs of there times, begin to vilifie them all; and withall to confefs that they have yet littleof certainty to fubtìitute in the room of the demolithed Idols ; but they are about their experiments, to try ifany thing in time may be found out. area. 14. Efßecially take heed 1 iyou be cheated into Infi- delity, by the Dominicans Metaphyftcal Dolïrine, of the neceffity ofGods Pbyficalpredetermining promotion as the ftrft total caufr, to the being of every allion natural and free, not only in genere a&ionis, but alfa as refpeElively and comparatively exercifedon this objell rather than on that. I add this only for the learned, who are as much in danger of Infidelity as others; and will ufe it to the greater injury of the truth. I will meddle nowwith no other reafons of my advice, but what the fubjc& in hand requireth. If God can, and do thus premove and predetermine the mind, will and tongue of every lyar in the world to every lye (or material fal(hood )