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The Life of Faith. 7 6i Faith ; but underftand their feveral places and offices, and ufe them accordingly.. Donot like chofe ignorant felt conceited Hereticks, who cry out, [It is by Believing, and not by Repenting, or Reading, or Hearing Sermons, or byFraying, or by forbearing fin, or' by doing good, that we are juftified; and therefore it it by Faith on- ly that we are Paved; the fame which is fnfftcient for our Ju- fiification, being fufftcient for our falvation; feeing the Juflified cannot be condemned; and JuJtification and Salvation are botk equally afcribed to Faith without the works of the Law by the Apofile.J Fôr we are jufl fied only by fuch aFaith, as is eaufed by Gods Word, and maintained and ac`kuated by H'eadring, Read- ing, Meditations Prayer and Sacraments; and as is accompa- nied by Repentance, and worketh by Love, and is indeed the beholding ofthofe invifibleand,glorious motives, which may incite our Love, and let us on good works, and obedience to our Redeemer. Attd hethat by negligence omítteth, or by errour excludeth any one of thefe, in the Life of Faith, will find that he bath erred againfk his own interefi, peace and comfort,if not again( his own falvation. And that he might as wifely. have difputed that it ishis eyes only that mull fee his way, and therefore he may travel without his legs. DìreF 13. Take heed left a mifconceir of the certainty of fotne common PhilofophicalOpinions, fhould makeyou flogger in 4kofe Articles ofFaith which feem to coutradiel them. Not that indeed any truths can be contrary one to another: For that which is true in Philofophy, is 'contrary to no one truth in Theology : But Philofophcrs have deceived them= fclves and the world, with a multitude of uncertainties and falfities ; and by (training them to fubtil niceties, and locking them up in uncouth terms, have kept the common people from trying them, and underfianding them and thereby havé made it their own prerogative explicitely to erre, and the peoples duty not to contradict them ; but to admire that crrour as profound parts of learning, which they cannot underfiand. And then their conclufions oft go for principles which mutt not be gainfayed, when they are perhaps either falfc, or non- fink. And then when they meet with any thing in Scripture, which croffcth their opinions, the reputation of humánc Y folly