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The Life of Faith. 16 5 for it is nothing but his three Effentialities, or Principles, Power, Wefdom and Goodnefi, as they are exprefied in his Word or Revelations, as congruous to his mind, and to the matter exprefï'ed. He that neither wantcth knowledge (to know what to fay and do) nor Goodneß (to love truth, and hate all evil) nor Power to dowhat he plcafc, and to make good his word, cannot poffioly lye becaufe every lye is for want of one, or more of three, Heb. 6.18. Titue 1. 2. And there as it is laid, that ht cannot lye, and that it is impoffible fo it is called, a denying of bimfetf, if he could be unfaithfull, 2 Tim. 2. 13. If we believe not, yet be abidetb faithful, and cannot deny himfelf. Dired. 17. Exercife Faith much in thofe proper works, in which felfandfenfe are mofi denyed andovercome. Bodilymotions and labours which we are not ufed to, are done both unskilfully, and with pain. If Faith be not much exeroifed in its warfare, and victorious ads, you will neither know its fìrength, nor find it to be Chong, when you come to ufe it. It is not the call: and common as of Faith, which will (aye turn, to try and jtrengthen it. As :, the life of fenfe is the adverlàry which Faith muff conquer ; fó ufe it nauch in fuck conflicts and conqueJis, if you would find it ffrongand ufe- full: Life it in loch acts of' mrtification and felldenyal, as will plainly thew, that it over ruleth fenfe : life it in patience and rejoycing in fuch fuferings, and in contentment in fo low and crois a five, where you are lure that fight and fenfe do not contribute to your peace and joy : Ufe it nor only. in giving fome little of your fuperfluities, but in giving your whole two mites, evenall your lubtiance, and felling all andgiving to thepoor, when indeed God maketh it your duty : At kafi in forfaking all for hir.fakc in aday of tryal. Faith never Both work fo like it Pelf, fo clearly, fo powerfully, and lo com fortably, as in theft Pelf-denying and overcoming acts,, when it doth not work alone, without the help of fenfe to comfort us ; but alto againfl fenfe, which wotild difcourage us, bike 22, 23. &14.26,33.2Cor.5 7, Dire& 18. Keepa conftant obfervation of Gods converfe wit* your.bearts, and ivorkingo en them,, For as, I (aid btforc, there are wi}hin; us fi;ch4,FIPQR trafi9asi Of