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166 The Life of Faith. of a Kingdom of God, in precepts, mercies, rewards and pu- nithments, that he which well worketh them,wtll have much help in the maintaining and cxercifng his belief, of the ever - fatting Kingdom : Efpccially the godly, who have that Spirit there working, which is indeed the veryfeel, andpledge, and earne( of life eternal, a Cor. I. 2Z at 5. 5. Ephef I. 13, 14. Gal. 4. 5, 6. Ron. 8. 16, 17. There is fo mushof God and Heaven in a true Believers heart, that (as we fee the Moon andStars when we look down into the water, fo) we may fee much of God and Heaven within us, if the heart it fell be throughly itudicd. And 1 mutt add; that Experiences here mutt be carefully recorded : and when God fulfillcth promifes to us, it mutt not be forgotten. Direct. 19. Converfe muchwith them that live by Faith, and fetch their motives and comfortsfrom the things unfeen. Converfe hath a transforming power. To convenfe with them that live all by fenfe, and thew no other defines, or ¡oyes, or forrows, but what arc fetched from flc(hly fenfible things, is a great means to draw us downwards with them. And to convene with themwho convene in Heaven; and (peak of nothingcite fo comfortably or to ferioufly; who (hew us that Heaven is theplace they travel to, and the (tare that all their life Both aim ; and who make little ofall the wants or plenty, pains or pleafures of the fetch ; this much conduccth to matte us heavenly. As men arc apt to learn and ufe the language, the motives, and the employments ofthe Country and people where they live; fo he that is moti familiar with fuch u live by Faitb, upon things unfeen, and take Gods promife for full fecurity, hath a very great help to learn and live that life himfelf, Pleb. ro. 24, 25. it T4bef 4. t7i 18. Phil. 3. 30,2E Direâ. 20. Forget not the nearnefl of the things unfeen, and think not of a long continuance in this world ; but live in con-. titwal expefäation of your change. Diffant things, be they never fo great, dohardly move us As in bodilymotion, the mover mutt be contiguous : And as ourPilfer arc not fit to apprehend beyond a certain difîance CO our minds Alb arc finite, and have their bounds and mca- furs: