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The Contents. rable gaodnefs of Gods Laws. Whether the Promife and Deward be the end of Obedience, or Obedience theend of the Promifeand Reward. Of Scriptureexamples, 232 Chap. 5. How to live byfaith on Gods Promifes; What will of God it is, according to which they muff asltwbo will receive. Of a particular faith inprayer, je the fame degree of grace condi- tionally promifcd to all ? Direlliens for under(.anding the'Pro- rtifes. The true nature of faith or trufe in Gods Promifes, open- edat large. Affiance is in the tenderfanding, will and vital power. Whether Faith be Obedience, or how related to ir. Ten alts ofthe underffanding ofntial to the Chriffian Faith in the Promifes. Several acts ofthe will affential to Faith, And in thevital power, whetheraA true Faith havea fubjeblive cer- tainty ofthe truth ofthe Word. Choice, and venturing or far- faking all, it thefin cfreal trufi. Promifes colletied for the help ofFaith, a. Of Pardon, 2. OfSalvation, 3. OfReconci- liation andAdoption, 4. orpardon of newfins after converfron. 5 .OfSanRification : 6. Promifes to them that defire andleek. 7. To Prayer. 8. Togroans that want expreffion. 9. Promifes of all that we want, and that is goodfer us. to. To theufe ofGods WordandSacraments. i e. To the bumble, meek and lowly. 12. To the peaceable. 13. To the diligent. 14: To the patient. 15. To Obedience. 16. To the Love ofGod. 17 . To'tbem that love thegodly, and are merciful in goodworks. 18. To the poor, soy. To theoppref f d 20. To the perfecuted. 2 s. In dastgerr: 22. Againft temptations. 23. To them that overcome andper- fevere. 24. In f ck,noofs, and at death. 21. OfRéfurreîlian, final JuffificationandGlory. 26. For children of the godly. 27. To the Church, 241 Chap. 6. How to exercife faith on Gods Threatnings andJudge- vents. How far beliefofthe threatnings is good, necefary, and a favingfaith. How favingf,ritb is aperfonal application. How to perceive truefaith, 297 Chap. 7. How to live byfaithf r Pardon and Juffiffca+ion. In how many refpel,"ts and waies Cbrijf jufiifieth us. Of the impu- tationoICJnijts Kighteoujnefs. Twelve reafors to help our be- liefofpardon. Hots farf nfleould make us doubt ofour jujf ifi.- cation,- 308 Chap. 8. 58 - Dangerous Errenrs dctelled, which binder the (b) work