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The Contents. And I. For thefirlf, rbe order of theprefuppofedNatural Yetitits, it briefly mentioned, 8 t Chap. 2. The true Method of enquiry into the fupernatural evi- dences ofFaith,andtheRules therein to be obferved, 87 Chap. 3. The proper Evidence of Faith. The SPIRIT and the Image of God binsfelf, 97 Chap. 4. The Image ofGods Wifdom on the Chri/fian Religim lt's wonderful Methodopened, in thirty inffances. Six more inflances, 99 Chap. 5. The Image of GodsGoodnefl and Holinofs on the Çbri- ffian Religion : in thirty inllances, it `d Chap. 6. The Image of Gods Power upon the Chri(fian Religion; in twenty inffances, 1 r 5 Chap. 7. The means ofmaking known all thiir tous infafibly. Flow the firff witneffes knew it. How the next Age and Churches knew it. Howwe know it. Twenty fjiecial hiffcrical madi. Lions of Cbriflianity and matters of fall. What the Spirits W itne f s to Cbriffianity is, 1 2 5 Chap. 8. Twelve further Dire/lions to confirm our Faith, 136 Chap, 9. Twenty General Dire/7ions how to of Faith, or to live by it, when it ie confirmed. What Cbr,,gian Faith is : Errours about it, 148 The Contents of the third Part. Chap. t. How to live by Faith on God, 168 Chap. 2. How to live by Faith on J efsCbrift, 182 Abufes of the Dolrine ofRedemption. Theextent ofit. Of Cbrijfs Office : Hie Merits and Sacrifice : Example, &c. Chap. 3. How to liveby Faith on the Holy GboJi. Of the Trinity. Several doubts refolved about believing in the Holy Gboff. Of giving the Spirit : Hie operations : Whether Love to God, e-r Faith in Chrift gofirff ; exaâly anftaered. (And confequently whether Faith or Repentance be firft. ) _O -the Spirit in Cbrff and the Apoflles : Of fufficient Graft. lbw Faith procureth theSpirit. Whether deftres ofgrace be grace, 20 t Chap, 4^ flow to Live by faith Its re Gods Commands. The admi. rah le