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The Life of Faith. certainty, (thoughnot fofatisfaetory to our impel fed fouls,) as if the things themfelves were ferie. 2. The will is determin- ed by it in its necefjary confcnt and choice. 3. The affeîlions are moved in the neceff;try degree. q.. Ir ruletb in our lives, and bringeth us through duty, and futfering, for the fake of the happinefs which we believe. 3. This Faith is a grounded wife and jutifïablea6t : an in- fallible knowledge; and often called fa in Scrip ure, John 6 69. 1 Cor. 15.58. Rom. 8. 28, &c. And the conlhtutive and ef- ficient caufes Will ju(tifie the None. We know and arc infallibly fare, of the truth of God, which we believe : As it's Paid, John 6. 69. [We le!ieve and are fare that thou art that Chri(t, the Son ,f the living God.] 2 Cor.5.1. [We ks'éw that if our earthly boufe of this tabernacle were dif- folved, we havea building of God, an haute not made with bands, eternal in the Heavens.] Rom. 8. z8. We know that all things work togetherfor good to them that love God.] 1 Cor. 15.58. You know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord] Joh. 9.29. [We kn-w God fpake to Mojes, &c.] 31. [We knowGodhear- er,' not ftnners.] John 3. 2. We know thou art a Teacher come from God.] Su t John 3. 5, 15. & 1 Pet. 3. 17. and many other Scriptures tell you, that Believing God, is a certain in- fallif le fort of kn<wledge. I (hall in Unification of the work of Faith, acquaint youbriefly with L. That in the Nature of it : 2. And that in the cauftng of it, which advanceth it, to bi an infallible knowledge. r. The Believer knows (as lure as he knows there is a God) that God is true, and his Wt-rd is true, it being impaffible for God to lie, H.b. 6..,8. God. that cannot lie bath promifed, Titus I. a. a. He knows tbat the holy Scripture is the Word of God; by his Image which it bcarcth, and the many evidences of Divinity which it containeth, and the many Miracles (cer- tainly proved) which Chritt, and his Spirit in his fervants, wrought to confirm the truth. 3. And therefore he knoweth. affurcdly the conclufion, that all this Word ofGod is true. And for the fuser effeóingof this knowledge,. God doth not only fet before us the afccrtaining Evidence of his own veracity,