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The Life of Faith. veracity, and the Scriptures Divinity; but moieowr, r. He givetb us to believe, Pi i1, i. 29. 2 Pet, t. 3. For it h nor sf our rives, but is the gift of God, Ephef 2.8. Faith is one of the fruits of the Spirit, Gil. 5. 22. By the drawing of the Father, we come to the Sen. And he that bath knowledge given Flom Heaven, will certainly kww : and he that hach F'airh given him fromHeaven, will eeltoinly believe. The heavenly L ghe will diffipate our darknefs, and infallibly illuminate. Whileft `God fers before us the glafs of the Gofpel in which the things is vifrble are revealed, and alto gives us eye-fight to b:holet them, Believers muff needs be a heavenly people, as walking in that light which proceedeth from, and leadeth to the célcllial ever- latting Light. 2. And that Faith maybe fo powerful as to ferve inflead offight and prefence, Believers have the Spirit of Chrift within them, to excite and actuate it,and help themagainst all tempta- tions to unbelief, and to work in them all other graces that concur to promote the works of Faith ; and to mortifie thofe fins that hinder our believing, andare contrary to a heavenly life So that as the exercifeof our fight, and taite,and hearing, and feeling, is caufed by our natural life , fo the exercife of Faith and Hope, and Love, upon things unfeen, is caufed by the holy Spirit, which. is the principle of our new life, r Cor, 2. r 2. We have received the Spirit, that we might know the things that are given us ofGod. ThisSpirit cf God acquaint - eth us with God, withhis veracity and his Word, Hob. t o. 30, Weknow him that bath fail, I will neverfail thee, nor forfake thee.] This Spirit of Chrift acquainteth us withChrift, and with his grace and wilt, r Cor. 2. 10; 11, 12. This heavenly Spirit acquainteth us with Heaven, fo that [We know that when Cbrijt appearetb, wePall be like him, for we Pall fee bier as he is, z joh. 3.2. And we know that be was manifelfed to take awayfrn,] r Job. 3. 5. And will perfect his work,and profent us fpotlefs to his Father, Epb. 5..26,.27. This heavenly Spirit pof- feffeth the Saints with fuch heavenly difpofrtionsand delires, as much facilitate the work of Faith. It bringeth us to a heavenly converfation; and maketh us live asfellow.citizenoof the Saints, and in the bou(eold ofGod,Phii.3.2o. Eph.2. r 9.1t is within us a.. Spirit of fupplication, breathing heaven-ward, with fight and. B. 3 groans