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The Life of Faith. 7 nefs fhouid be loved above all finite imperfect created good : And it's clear that the rational nature is fo formed, that with- out the hopes and fears of another life, the world neither if, nor ever was, nor (by ordinary vi(ible means) can be well governed ; (fuppofing God to work on man according to his nature.) And it is matt certain that it conffleth not with infinitewifdom, power and goodnefs, to be put to rule the world in all ages, by fraud and fal(hood. And it is certain that Heathens do for the molt part through the world, by the light of nature, acknowledge a life of j iy, or mifery to come: And the molt hardened Atheifls, or Infidelsmuff confers, that [forought they know there may be fucks life:] it being impollible they fhould know or prove the contrary. And it is moil cer- tain that the sneer probability or pofbiliry ofa Heaven and Hell, (being matters of fuch unfpeakable concernment) should in ¡taloncommand our utmost diligence to the hazard or lofs of the tranfitory vanities below : and confequently that a holy diligent preparation for another life, is naturally the dutyof the reaf¡sable creature. And it's as Pure that God bath not made our nature invain nor let us on a life of vain impioy- ments, nor made it our bulinefs in the world to leek after that which can never be attained. Thefe things, and much more, do thew that nature afford- eth us fo full a teftimony of the life to come that's yet invifible, that it exceedingly helpeth us in believing the fupernatural revelation of it, which is more full. 5. And though we have not feen the objeérs of our faith, yet thole that have given us their infallible reftimony by infal- lible means, have feen what they tefli ied.. Though [no man bathTeen God at any time, yet the only begottenSon which it in thebofom ofthe Father, bath declared him, Joh t. 18. [Verily, verily, (faith our. Lord) we jpeak that we know,. and teffiFe that we haveTeen] Joh. 3. i r. Verf. 31,32. [He that cometb from Heaven is above d, andwhat he bathPeen and heard that be tefiifresh.] Chrift that bath told us raw the things that we have not teen : and you will believe hor:eft men that fpealsto you of what they were eye-witnefes of. And the DifciplesTaut' the perfon, the transfiguration, and the miracles of.Claria Inforteuch that John thus.beginneth his Epitilc, a Cor.'.',,3. Una