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The Life of Faith. [That which was frond the beginning which we have heard, which we have feen with our eyes, which we have lock.d up our bands have handled of the Wordof life, '(for the life was anani"ejled, andwe have feen it, and bearwirrefs, and/hew it to yo', that eternal life which was with the Father, and was ma- oufeftedunto us :) That which we have'fern and doctore we unto you.] So Paul, r Cor. 9. r. Am I not an Apoffle ? have have I not fern jefuc Cbriff our Lord, r Cor. r 5 5 6, 7. [Ho was feen of Cephas, then of the twelve : after that be was fees of above five hundred brethren at once, ofwhom thegreater part remainunto thisprefettt] bleb, a. 3, 4. This [great falvatien at firft began to be fpoken by the Lord, and was confirmed to us by them that heardhim; God alfo bearing themwitnefs, bah with, fgus and wonders, andwithdivers miracles and gifts of the holy GbeJI,according to hie own will.] 2 Pet. t. i 6,17.[For we have not followed cunningly devifedfables, when we, made known unto you the power andcoming of our Lord 3efua Orrif, but were eye- witneJes of his Majefly: For he received from God the Father ho nour andglory, when there came fuch a voice to him, front the ex- cellent glory: Thin is my beloved Son in whom I am welpleafed : And this voice which cane from Heaven, we heard when we were with him in the holy Mount.] And therefore when the Apoflles wire commanded by their perfecutors, not tofpeakat alt, or teach in the name of 3efua, they anfwered, [We cannot but fpeak the things which we have feen and beard.] As 4. IS, 20. So that much of the obj :ds of our faith to us invi- ftlle, have yet been fanby thofe that have infírumentaily re- vealed them ; and the glory of Haven it fclf is ken by many millions of fouls, that are now poffcfîog it. And the tradi- tion of the Tetlimony of the Apofîles unto us, is mure full andfatisfat`ory, than the tradition of anyLaws of the Land, or Hiflory of the moil unquefitonable affairs that have been done among the people of the earth : (as I have manifetied elfewhere.) So that faithbath the infall ble.Tefimony of God, and ofthem that havefees, and therefore is to us inf.adof fight. 6. Lally, Even the enemy of faith himfelfloth againt his wiH confirmour faith by the violence and rage ofmalice, that he (lirrtth up in the ungodly againíl the life offaith and holi- nefs i