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The Life, ofFaith. 9 refs.; and by the imp.irtuoity of his oppofitions and tempta- tions, dilcovering that it is not for nothing that he is Co mali- ciou(ly fohcitous, induhrious, and vio;ent. And thus you fee how much faith hath, that (hould fully fatisfie a rational man, inifeadof prefence, pff cn andfight If any (hall here fay, [But why would not God Lt vs bate a fight of Heaven or Hell, when he co ld not but know that it would more generafy andcertain' have prevailed for the conver_ fion and felvation ofthe world: Doth be envy us the wolf ,f canal means ?. I antwer, t. Who art thou O man that difputeft againft God ? (hall the thingfortncd fay to him that form :d it, Why haft thou made me thus ? M: fl God come down to the bar of man, to render an account of the r afon of his works ? Why doyenot alto ask him a reafon ofthe nature, fituat ion, magni- tude, order, influences, &c. of all the Stars, and Súperiour Orbs, and call hitta to an account for all his works ? when yet thereare Comany things in your own bodies, of which you little underhand the reafon. Is it not intollerable impudency, for tuch worms as we, fo low, fodark, to qucllion the eternal God, concerning the reafon of his Laws and difp_nfations ? Dgwe not (hamefully forget our ignorance, and our difiance? 2. But if you mutt have a reafon, let this fu(fice you ; It is fit that the Government of God be fuited to the nature of the realnable fubje6t.And Reafon is made to apprehend morethan we fee, and by reaching beyond,fente, to carryus to teak things higher and better thanfenfe can reach. If you would have a man underhand no more than he fees, you would almofi equalize a wife man and a fool, and make aunan too like a beaft. Even in worldly matters, you will venture upon the greaten coti and pains for chi; things that you feenot, nor ever few. He that hath a journey to go to a place that he never few, will not think that a fufhcient reafon to hay at home. Toe M :r- chant will fail r000 miles to a Land, and for a Commodity, that henever fewMuff the Husbandman fee the-Harveff before he plow his Land,and Cow his feed ?Mufi the Fick manfeet,that he hathhealth before he ufe the means to get it ? Muff the Souldierfee that he hath the vicâory before he fight ? You would takeflab conceits in worldly matters to be the fym- C Atoms