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The Life of Faith, 3I the cuttomof the Countrey infield of it ; hule did I think that I had been an Infidel at the heart, while I fo confidently laid claim to the name of a Believer! Alas, how far have I been horn living, as one that feetb the things that he profef- fetb to B live ?] If Comeof your confciences be not thus con- vinced, and perceive not yet your want of faith, I fear it is be- caule they arc feared, or afleep. But if yet confcience have not begun to plead this caut againft you, let me begin to, plead it with your confcienees Are youBelievers ? Do you livetbe life of Faith, or not? Do you live upon things that are unfeen, or upon theprefent vi- fible baits offenfuality ? That you may not turn away your ears, or hear me with a fluggifh fenflefs mind, let me tell you firit, how nearly it concerneth you, to get this O.aftion foundly a fwered; and then, that you may not be deceived, let me help you toward the true refolution. I. And for the firft, you may perceive by what is Paid, that PavingFaith is not focommon, as thofc that know not the nature ofit, do imagine. [AUmen have not faitb,]a Thef.3.2. O what abundance do deceive themfelves with Names, and (hews, and a deadOpinion, and cuftomary Religion, and take thefe for the life offaith 1. 2. Till you have this faith, you have no fßecial intereft in. Cbrift. It is onlyBelievers - that areunited to him, and are his living Members: and it is by faith that be dwel`etb in our hearts, and that we live in him, Ephef. 3. I7. Gal. 2. 20. In vain doyou boalt of Chrift, if you ate not true Believers. You have no part or portion in him : None ofhisfpecial Benefits are yours, till you have this living working Faith. 3. You arc Rill in the hate ofenmity to God, and unrecon- ciled to him, while you areunbelievers. For you. can have no peace with God, nor. acct.]; unto bit favours but by Chrift, Rom. 5. 1, 2i 3, 4. Epbrf. 2. 4, 15í 17. And therefore you muff come byfaith to shrift, before you can come by Cbriff unto the Father, as chofe that have a fpccial intereft in his love. 4. Till you have this Faith,.you are under the guilt and load of all your fins, and under the curfe and condemnation of the Law _For there is no juffifrcationorforgivexefs , but byFaitb, Alt. 26- 18. Rom. 4, & 5, &c. D 3 .5: Till