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22 The Lije of Faith. 5. Till you have this found &lief of things unfeen, you will be carnal minded, and have a carnal end to all your anions, which will make thole to he evil, that materially aregood, and thole to be flejhly that meateriafty arc holy : Without Faith it is impcfble to pleafe God , Rom. 8. 5, 8, 9. Prov. 28. 9. Heb. a a . 6. 6. Latily, Till you have this living Faith, you have no right to Heaven, nor could be faved if you die this hour. [Who- ever believetb fBall not perijh, but have rv'rlaffing life : He that believeth an bim, is not condemned: but he that believetb not, is condemned already : He that believerh on the Son, bath everlf- ing life -: and he that bclieveth not the Son, (hallnot fee life ; but the wrath 61 Godabideth on him, Joh. 3. a6, a8, 36. You fee, if you Iove your ftives, it concerncth you, to try whether you are true Believers : Unlefs you take it for an in- differ_nt thing, whvther you live for ever in Heaven or Hesl ; it's belt for you toput the quellion dole to your confciences betimes. Have you that Faith that Gives in(lead of fight i? Do you carry within you the evidence of things unfeen, and the fubfiance of the things which you fay you hope for ? Did you know in what manner this vefiion mull be put and deter- mined at judgement, and how all your comfort will then de- pend upon the anfwcr, and how near that day is, whenyou milli all be fentenced to Heaven or Hell, as you are found to be Believers or Vnbelievers, it would make you hearken to my counfel, and prcfently try whether you have a Paving Faith. 2. But left you be deceived in your trial, and Ic(t you mi- flakeme as if I tryed the weak by the meafure of the strong, and laid all yourcomfort upon fuch Arcing affeaions, ants high degrees, asfight it fell wouldwork within you, I (hail briefly tell you, how you may know whether you have any faith that's trueand laving, though in the leaff degree. Though none ofus are affeded to that height as we fhould be, if we had the light of all that we do believe, yet all that have any Paving belief of invifible things, will have thefe four ligns of faith within them. a. .4found belief of things unfeen, rri8 caufe a prae ical ells.. mation'of them, and that above all earthly things. A &impfe of the