Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

The Life of FAith. the heavenly glory as in a glafs, will caufe the foul deliberate- ly to fay, [This is the chief dcfrable felicity; this is the Crown, the Pearl, the Treafure; nothing but this can lerve my turn. It will debate the greatefi pleafures, or riches, or honours of the world in your totem. How contemptiblew ill they Item, while you feeGod (land by, and Heaven as it were fet open to your view ; you'l fee there's littP.. caufe toenvy the prosperous fervants of the world ; you will pitty them, as mifcrable in their mirth, and bound in the fetters of their folly and concupifcence ; and as firangers to all Colid joy and honour. You will be moved with forne compaffion to them in their mifery, when they are braving it among men, and do- mineering for a little while; and you will think, alas poor man ! Is this all thy glory ! Haft thou no better wealth, no higher honour, no fweeter pleafures than theft husks ? With, fuch a prallical judgement as you value gold above dirt, and jewels above common ffones ; you will value Heaven above all the riches andpleafures ofthis world,if you have indeed a living faving faith, Phil. 3. 7, 8, 9. 2. A foundbelief of the things unfeen will habitually in- cline your wills to embrace them, with content and complacence, . and refolution, above andagainff thofe worldly things, that would bejet above them, and preferred before them. If you arc true believers, you have made your choice, youhavefixtyour hopes, you have taken up your refolutions, that God muff be your por. tion, or you can have none that's worth the having r. that Chriff mutt be your Saviour, or you cannot beCaved : and thereforeyou are at a point with all things clic : they may . be your Helps, but not your Happinefs you arc refolved on what Rock to build, and where to call anchor, and at what port and prize your life (hall aim. You are refolved what to feek, and truff to God or none : Heaven or nothing: Cbriff or none ; is the voiceof your rooted, (table refolutions. Though you are full of fears fometimes whether you [hall be accepted, and have a part in Chrifl, or no ? and whether ever you (hall attain the Glorywhich you aimat; yet you are -off all other hopes; having leen an end of all perfediors, and read vanity and vexation written upon all creatares, even on the moll flattering Rate on earth, and are unchangeably re- folved