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The Life of Faith. whether God or for wrld be your portionand felicity > and to whetheryou are the heirs of Heaven or Het. And is not this a quellion that you are molt nearly concerned in ? O there- fore for your foals fakes, and as ever you love your everlalt- firg peace, Examine your felvts, whetheryou are in the faith or not ? Knowyou not that Chriji io in you (by faith) except you bereprobates ? z Cor. 13. 5. will youhearken now as long to your cos-fciences, as you have done to me ? As you have heard n ..e telling you, what is the nature cf a living, laving faith will you hearken to your confcirnces, while they impartially tell you, ,whetheryou have this life offaith, or not ? It may be known if you are witing, and diligent, and impartial: It you fcarch on purpose as men that would know whether they arc ¡live or dead, and whether they (hall live or die for ever : and not as men that would be flattered and deceived, and are re- solved to think wet of their tiiare, be it true or fai/e. Let confcierce tell you What eyes do you fee by, for the aonduer of the chief employment of your fives ? Is it by the eye of fenfe, or faith ? I take it for granted that it's by the eyeof Reafon. But is it by Reafon corrupted and byaffed by (tufe, or is it by Reafon elevated by faith? What Countrey is it that your hearts convene in ? Is it in Heavenor Earth ? What company is it that you folace your felves with ? Is it with Angels and Saints ? Do you walk with them in the Spi- rit, and ,joyn your eccho's to their triumphant praifes, and fay, Amen, when by faith you hear than afcribing honour, and praife, and glory to the ancient of daies, the Omnipo- tent Jehovah, that is, and that was, and is to come-? Do youfetch your 7 oyes from Heavenor Earth? from things un- feenor Pros? things futureor prefent ? things hopedfor,or things pcffeffed? What Gardenyicideth you your fweeteft flowers? Whence is the food, that your hopes and comforts liveupon? Whence are the fpirits andcordials that revive you ; when a frowning world loth raft you into a fainting fit, or fwoun ? Where is it that you repofe your fouls for Reif, when tinor futfcrings have made you weary? Deal truly, Is it in Heaven or Earth ? Which worlddo you take for your pilgrimage, and which foryour hoes ? I' do not ask you, 'w'hete you are, but where you dwell ? not whereare yourperfons, but where E tie 2 5