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26 the Life of Faith. arc your hearts ? In a word, Areyou in good earneff, when you lay, you believe a Heaven and Hell ? And do you think, and (peak, and pray, and live, as thole that do indeed believe it ?. Do you [pend your time, and chufe your eonditi,n oflife, and difpofe of your affairs, and anfwer temptations to world- ly things, as thofe that are firi.,us in their kelief ? Speak out do you live the life offaith upon things unfeen? or the life of fenfe on things that you beh Id ? D_al truly ; for your endlefs joy or forrow doth much depend on ir. The life of faith is the certain pillage to the life ofgbry. The fl.Jhly life on things herefern, is the certain wary to endlels m:fery. Ifyou five after the flefh, ye (hall die: but if yeby the fpirit, do mortife the deeds of the Ivy, ye Jhall live, R-01. 8 13. Re not d ceived God, is not mocked : for whatfoever a man foweth, that (hall be alfo reap : For be that foweth to hisfie/h, Jhall of thefl Jh reap- corruption : but be that fcwetb to the fpirit, Jhall of the fpirit reap everLjting life, Gal. 6. y. 8 If you would know where you »tuft live fir ever, know how, and for what, and upon what it is, that you live here. Vfe q.. Having enquired whether you are Believers, I am next to ask you, what you will be for the time to come ? will you live upon things Peen or unfeen ? While you arro- gate the name and honour of being Chritlians, will you be- think you what Cbrifianity is ? and will yoube indeed what you fay you arc, and would be thought to be? Oh that you wouldgive credit to the Word ofGod ? that the God ofHea- ven might be but heartily believed by yo.r ! And that you would but take hit Word to be as fare as fenfe ? and what hath told 'you is or willbe, to be as certain as if you jaw it with your eyes ? Ohwhat manner of perf>ns would you then be ? how carefullyand fruitfully would you (peak and live ? How impoffible were it then that you should be carelcfs and prophane ? And'here that I may by ferioufaejs bring you to be ferions, in foferious a bufinefs, I (hail firtf put a few fuppo fttions to you, about the invifible objefis of faith; and then If thali put fome applicatory queffions to you, concerning, your own refolutions and pra5lice thereupon. r.` suppofe you [ow the Lord inglorycontinually before you; lvhcn you are hearing, praying, talking, jetting, eating drinking,.