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The Life of Faith. drinking, and when you are tempted to any wilful fin : Sup- pole you law the Lord thud over you, as verily as you fee a man ! (As you might do if your eyes could fee him : for it's mot} certain that he istf:ll prefent with you) fuppofe you law but loch a glimpfe of his back parts as Mofes did, Ex,d. 3q.. when God put him into a cleft of the Rock, and eoverLd him while he palled by (Chap. 33. 23.) when the face of Motes fhincd with the tight, that he wtis fain to nail it from the people, Exod. 3 á 3, 34, 35. Or if you had leen but what the Prophet law, Ifa. 6. t, z, 3, 4, 5, 6. when he be- held the L rd upon aThrone high and lifted' up, &c. and heard the Seraphim cry, lily, Holy, Holy it the Lord of Hods , the whole earth is full ofhie glory. When he Paid, Woe is me, for I amundone, becaufe I ant a man ofunclean lips, and dwell in the midfi ofa people ofunclean lips 1. for mine eyes bave fern the King the Lord of Huffs. Or ifyou had fern but what 3vb law, yob 42. y, 6. when he Paid, [I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now mine eye fcetb thee; wherefore I abhor nay fell and repent in duff andaflies.] What courfe woou'd you take, what manner ofperlons would you be after fuel; a fight as ebú ? If you had feen but Cbriff appearing in his glory, as the Dif- ciples on the holy Mount, Match. 17. or as Paul law him at his converfion, when he was (mitten to the earth, Aar 9. or as John law him, Rev. 1. 13: where he faith [He was cloatbed with a garment down to thefoot and girt with agolden girdle ; his head and bis hairs were white like ¡Pooh er Sncrr', and his eyes ware as aflame of fire, and bitfeet like unto fine briefs, as if theyburned in a furnace, and his voice as the found of many waters ; and behad in his right hand f:v.n Sears, andout of his mouth went a ¡harp twoedged,Sword, and 174 countenance was as the Sanfhinetb in his ffreagth : and when I faw him, I fell at bis feet as dead; and be laid his right hand upon me, fayirtg unto one, fear not ; I am the firlf and the laff ; I am be that liveth and was dead; andbehold I am alive for evermore, Amen, and havetbe keyes of bell and death.] What do you think you thould be and do, if you had feen but frech a fight as tbia í'' Would you be godly or ungodly after it? .As (ure as you live, and fee one another, God alwaies teeth you : He teeth your ferret filthinefs, and deceit, and malice, which youthink E2 is