Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

36 The Life of Faith. Why then dothnot faith. thus fhame temptations, if indeed you dobelieve there things ? Will you fay, [It is your weale,nefl, you çannct ,bufe] or that [it isyour nature to be luflful, revengeful, fenfual,andyou cannot overcome it,] But ifyou had afightof Hea- ven and Hell, you could then refit : you cannot now, bccaule you will not : But did. you fee that which would make you willing, your power would appear. The fight of a Judge or Gallowscan reltrain mn : The fight ofa perron whom you reverence, can reltrain the exercife of your difgraceful fns; much mote would the fight of Heavenand Hell. If you were but dying, you would (hake the head. at him that would then tempt you to the committingofyour former fins. And is nota lively forefeing faith as effeEtual ? (Leff. 7. Had you feels what you fay you do believe, you would not fo much flick at fifferings , nor make fo great: a matter of it, tobe reproached, flandered, imprifoned, or con- demned by man, when God and your falvation command your patience. A fight of Hell would Snake you think it worfc thanmadnefs, to run thither to efcape the wrathof man, or any fuf1eerings on earth, Rom, 8. t8. C zeff. 8. And O how fuch a fight would advance the Re- deemer, and his Grace, and Promises, and Word, and Ordi- nances, in your e(teem ! It would quicken your delires, and make you fly to Chrilt for life, as a drowning, man to that which may fupport him. How sweetly then would yourelige the name, the word, the waits of Chiift, which now feemdry and common things ! &'eft. 9. Could you live as merrily, and fleep as quietly in 'a negligent uncertainty of your falvation, ifyou hadfeem there things, as nowyou do ? Could you live at hearts cafe, while you know not where you (hall be tomorrow, or mutt livefor ever ?. Oh no : WereHeaven and HabutPeen beforeyou,your Cónfciences would bemore bufie in putting fuchqueftions [Am 'regenerate,fanäifled, reconciled,juffifted, or not ?] Then any the moll zealous Mini(ter is now. Q eft. to. Lwill put to youbut one Qellion more. Ifwe fárvGod, andHeaven, andHell before us, do you think it would not efetdualyreeancileour differences, and heal ourunbrother. lyr eúafperationsand.divifions ? would. it not bold the bands that