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The Lifi of Faith. 37 that itch to be ufing violence, againn thole that are not in all things of their minds ! what abundance of vain controverfies would it reconcile ! As the coming in ofthe Mailer doth part the fray among the School -boyes; fo the fight of God would frighten us from contentions, or uncharitable violence. This would teach us how to preach and pray better than a form at Sea can do; which yet doth it better than Come in profperity will learn : Did wefeewhat we preach of, it would drive us out of our min- pleating, felt- Peeking, fleepy ¡train, as the cudgel drives the,beggaz from his canting, and the breaking loofe of the Bear did teach the affected cripple to find his legs, and cif away his crunches. I would defire no better' outward help to end our controverfies about indifferent modesof woe- thip, than a light of the things of which we Cpeak : This would excite filch á fcrious frame of foul, as would not Cuffer Religion to evaporate into formality, nor dwindle into affe- elation, complement and ceremony :. nor thóuld we dare to beat our fellow- fervants, and thruf them.out of vineyard, and fay, you thail not preach, orpray, or live, but upon thefe or thofe unneceffary terms : But the fenfe of our own frailty, and fear of a leyere difquifitionof our failings, would make us companionate; to others, and content that neceffaries be the matter of our unity, unnecefaries of our liberty, ;and both of charity. Iffight in all thefe ten particulars would do fomuch,thould not faith do much, if you verily believe the things youfeenot n Alas, corrupted reafon is aflcep, (with men that teem wife in other things) till it be awakt byfaith or fight. And ticeping reafon is as unferviceable as folly. It loth nowork it avoids. nodanger. ADoe$or that's of cep,. can defend the truth no better than a wakingchild.But reafon will be reafon,and con- fcience will be confcience,when the dun is blown out ofmans eyes, and fight and. feeling have awakened, and Co recovered their undernandings; or. Faith more feafonably"and happily <: awaked them: AND O that now we might all contint to addict our , .ftiyes to the Life of Faith: And F . 3 A. . Thal .