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the Life of Faith. facilitate*. aquitatemque oannia contulit ; nec maluit litions aaio. nes conffituere, quam controverfias tollere. In a word, if you live by fenfe and not by Faith, on things prefens, and not on things unfeen, you go backward; you (land on your heads, and turn your heels againfl Heaven ; you caule the beaff to ride the man; and by turning all things uplide down, will turn your felves into confufion. a. Co'rider that it is the unfeen things that arc only Great and Necejfer7, that are worthy of a mail, and anfsver the ex- callencr ()four nature, and the ends ofour lives, and all our mercies. All other things are incontiderable raves, except as theyare c'igniñed by their relation to thefe.. iti hether a man fiep into eternity from a Palace or a Psifon, a Lordfhip or a Lrz:rus (fate, is little to be regarded. All men in the world, whofé defigns and bufiness take up with any thing (bort of Heaven, are in the main of one condition, and are but in fe- veral degrees and forms in the,school of folly. lithe intendment ofyour lives fall fhort of God, it matters not much what it is you Peek, as to anygreat difference. if l.Jcr children play for puss, and bigger boyes for points and pence, and aged children for lands and money, for titles of honour, and command , What difference is there b:twcen there, in point ofwifdorn and felicity ? but that the little ones have more innocent de- lights, and at a cheaper rate, than theaged have, without the vexatiouscares and dangers that attend more grave and Cc- riot], dotage. As Holinrf? to the Lord is written upon all that is faithfully referred to his Will and Glory; fo Vanity and Sin,. is written upon ai that is but made provifonfor the flefh, and hath no higher end thanSelf. To go to Hell with greaterJfir, and attendance, and repure,with greater pomp and plcafure than the poor, is a poor confolation, a pitiful felicity l' 3. Faith is the rwifd7*. of the foil a. and unbeliefand fenfuali-- t_y are its blindnrß, faty and brutifhnefs. How 'bon is the know- ledge of the wif t1 unbelievers ? They know not much of what is patì ; (and lets theywould know, if Unifier ians were not of mere-credit with them,.than the Word of God :) But alas, how little do they knowof what is to come ? fink tells them where they are, and what they arc nowdoing: but it tells them not where they {hall be to morrow. But Faith can tell a true. Believer,