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The Life of Faith. t. That we livenot too much on vüïbles. a That we Lye on the things invifible. r. Onc would think that worldlinefs is a dtfeale that car- ryeth with it a cure for it tì1f ; and that the rational nature fhouldbe loth to love at fo dear a rate, and to labour for fo poor a recompence. It is piety that Gehezi's ltprofic, and Jav- das's death, fhould no more prevent a fucctflionof Gebezt's and Judas's in all generations. Our Lordwent before us molt eminently in a contempt ofearth : His Kingdom was not o} this world. No men arc more unlike him than the warldlings. I know neceßl:y is the pretence : But it is the dropfie of Cove- toufneff that caufcth the ebitft which they call Nc-ffity: And therefore the cure is non addere opilus, fed imrninuere cupidita- lum : The difcale muff not be fed but healed. Saris eft diritia- rum nonamplius velle. It hath lately been a controverfie, whe- ther thisbe not thegolden age ? that it is eetas ferrea we have felt ; our demonfirations arc undeniable : that it is atas aura- ta, we have fuffrcient proof: and while gold is the god that rules the molt, wewill not deny it tobe atas aurea, in the Poetsfenfc, Aureanunc titre font fecola : piurinrus auro Vanit honos : auro conciliatur amor. This prevalsncy of things fern, againtl thing unfeen, is the Idolatry of the world ; the fubverfi, n ofnature ; the perverfron of our faculties and aflions ; making the foul a drudge to flefh, and God to be ufed as a fervant .to the world. It deiiroyeth Pie- ty, Juftice and Charity: It turneth JV S by perverlon into VI S ; or by revcrfiou into S V I. Na wonder then if it be the ruine of focietics, when Gens fine juffitiâ, fine remige navis inundâ. It canpairs even Demoffhenes with a Squinancy,ifthere be but anHarpalus to bring him the infeetion. It can make aJudi- cature to be as Plutarch called that of Rome, [ào-e, xwpxr] zmpioruaa regiment , ] contrary to Cicero's dcfcr,ption of Sul- pittus, who was [magie jutstie gleam jsris confulr:sc, & ad facilitatem