Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

The Life of Faith. 41 fta low, orelegantly write the hittory of a dream, may be an ingenuous kind of foolery ; but the endwill not allow it the name ofWifdom : And loch are all the actions of the world (though called Heroick, Valiant and Honourable) that aim at tranfitory trifles, and tend not to the everlafting end. A bird can neatly build her neft,but is not therefore countedWife.How contrary is the judgement of the world to Chritts ? When the fame defcription that he giveth of afoot, is it that worlel- lings give of a wife and happy man, Luke 12. 2o, 2 I. [One that layeth o' riches for bimfelf, and is not rich towards God.] Will you perfwadeus that the man is wife, that can climb a little higher than his neighbours, that he may have the greater fall? That is attended in his way to Hell with greater pomp and ftatéran others ? That can fin more Syllogiftically and Rhetorically than the vulgar ; and moreprudently and grave- ly run into damnation ; and can learnedly defend his madncfs, and prove that he is fafe at the brink of Hell ?, Would yotrper- fwade us that he is wife, that contradi&s the God and Rule ofWifdom,and that parts with Heaven for a few merryhours, and hath not wit toCave his foul ? When they fee the end, and are arrived at etcrnity,let them boati of their Wifdom, as they findcaufe:We will take them then for more competent Judges. Let the Eternal God be the portion of my foul ; let Heaven be my inheritance and hope ; let Chrift be my Head, and. the pro- mifc, my fecurity,Iet Faith be my Wifdom,and Love be my ve- ry heart and will,and patient perfeveringObedience be my lift; and then I can fpare the wifdom of the world, becaule I can (pare the trifles that it fecks,and all that they are like to get by it. r What abundanceofcomplaints and calamity wouldforefrght prevent ? Had the events of this one year been (conditionally) forefeen, the actions of thou farads would have b:en otherwife ordered,and much fin and (harm have been prevented.What a change would it make on the judgements of the world ? how many words' would be otherwife tpoken ? and how many deeds would be otherwife donc? and how manyhours would be otherwife (pent, ifthe change that will be made by judge- ment and Execution, were well forefeen ? And why is it not forefeen , when it is forefhewn i' When the otnnifcient God, that will certainly perform his Word, hath fo plainly G revealed