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the Life of Faith. revealed it, and fò frequently and loudly warns you ofit ? Is he wife, that after all thefe warnings will lie down in everlafling woe, and fay, [Pirtle thought offuch a day : I did not believe Ifhould ever have Peen fo great a change ?] Would the fervants of Chriti be ufed as they are, if the ma- licious world forefaw the day, when ChriJt-lhall come with tens thoufànds ofhis Saints, to execute Judgement on al that are un- godly? Jude 14, 15. When he fhall come to be glorified in his Saints, and admired in aß them that do believe, 2 The. a. to. When the Saints fhall judge the world, r Cor. 6.2,3. and when the ungodly feting them on Chrifts right hand, mull hear their lenience on this account [Verily I fay into you, in as omcb as you did it (or, did it net) to one of the leaf{' of thefe (my Frethren)you did it untome.] blatth. 25. Yet a few lies, and all this will be done before your eyes: but the unbelieving world will not forefee it. Would malignant Cain have (lain his brother, if he had forefeen the punithmcnt, which he calleth afterward intone- table, Gen. 4. ;3. Would the world have delpifed the preach- ing ofNoah, if they had believed the deluge ? Would Sodom have been Sodom, if they had forefeen that an Hell from Hea- ven would have confumed them ? Would Achim have medled with his prey, if he had forefeen the (tones that werehis Exe- cutioners and his Tomb ? Would Gebezi have obeyed his co- vetous dcfire, if he had forefeen the lcprofie ? Or Judas have betrayed Chrifi, ifhe had forefeen the hanging himfelf in his dcfpair ? It isfare -Peeing Faith that laves chofe that are faved and blind unbelief that caufethmens perdition. Yea prefeat things as well as future, are unknown to foolith Unbelievers. Do they know who leech them in their fin ?? and what many thoulandsare flittering for the like, while they fee no danger ? Whatever their tongues fay, the hearts and lives offools deny that there is a God that fetch them, and will be their Judge, Pfalm 14. i. You fee then that you mull live by Faith, or perith by folly. 4. Confider that things vifible are fo tranfitory, and of fo portcontinuance, that they do but deCerve the name oftbings; being nothings, and lefs than nothing, and lighter than vanity át. Pelf, compared to the neceffay eternal Being, whoffe name is