Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

44 The Life of Faith. For an unholy unrenewed foul, that yeficrday was:drowned in f!ef t, and !aught at threatnings, and.feorncd reproofs, to be, fuddenly fnstcht into,another world ;..and jee.the Heaven that hehath loft, and feel the Hell which he would not believe to fall into the gulfof bottomlefs eternity, and at once to find, that Toy and Hope are both departed; that horror and griefmutt be his company,ardDefprraticnhath lockt up,the door : O what an.amazing change is.this !- If you think me troublefom for mentioning fuch ungrateful things,what a trouble wil it be to feel them? May it to prevent that greater trouble, you may well bear this. Find but a medicine againft death, ot.any fecurity for your continuance here,,oranyprevention of the Change, and I have done, But that which unavoidably muff be teen, fhould be forefern. But the unseenworld is not thus mutable ; ,Eternal life is be- gt.n in the Reliever. The Church is built on Chriti the Reek; and the gates of Hell'hall not prevail againff it. Fix here, and you (hall never be removed. 4. Hence followeth another difference : The mutable crea- ture Both impart a difgraceful n +tability to the foul that cbufetb. it. It difappointeth and deceiveth : And therefore the ungod- ly are of one mind to day, and another to morrow ! In health they:are all for pleajure,,and commodity, and honour : and at' death they cry out on it as deceitful Vanity : In health they. cannot abide this ffrieinefs, this meditating, and feekjng, and preparing for the life to come ; but at death or judgement, they. will all be of another mind ! Then O that they had been fo. wife as to know their time : and O that they had lived as ho- lily as the belt ! They are now the bold" oppofers re- proachers ofan holy life :. But then they would be glad it had been their own : They would cat their words, and will be down in the mouth, and stand to never a word they fay, when fight, and fenfe, and judgement, (hall convince them. But things unchangeable do fix the foul. pietyis no- matter for Repentance. Doth the Believer (peak againfi fin and lin- nets: and for an holy, fober, righteous life ? He will do fo to the la(t : Death and Judgement (hall not change his mind in this, but much confirm it. And therefore he perfe- nres.throughfufferings, to cloth, Rpm. [For this caufs;