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r The , Life of Faith, caufe wefaint not : but though our outward man perith, yet the inwardman is renewed day by day : Forour light of jliel ion, which but for a moment, worketh for us afar more exceeding eternal weight ofglory : While we loop, not at the things that are feen, but at the things which are not teen : For the things which are feen are temporal; but the things which are not feen are eternal,. z Cor. 4. 16,17. 6; Lay, let this move you to live by a fore feeing Faith, that it is of neceffity to your fa'vation. Believing Heaven, mutt . prepare you for it, before you can enjoy it:, Believing Hell, is nccei ry to prevent it. Mark 16. 16. John 3. t8, 36. [The just than live by Faith; but if any man draw back (or, be lifted up) the Lord will have no ?feature in him. Heb. to. 38. Hab. 2. 4. Tame heed that there be not in any of you an evil heart of unbe. lief, to depart from the living Gcd. H_b. 3. 12. And be not of them that draw back to perdition, but of them that believe to the faving of thefoul. Heb. to. 39. It is God that faith [They. !than ail be damned that believed not the truth, but bad pleafare in unrighteoufneß.] 2 Thef. z. to, re, 12. 45 May I now in the conclufion more particularlyexhort you, a. That you will live upon things forefeen. 2. That you will promote this life offaith in others, according to your feverai capacities. Princes and Nobles live not alwaies: You are not the.. Rulers of theunmoveable Kingdom ; but of a boat that is in an hefty fiream, or a (hip under fail, that will fpeed both Pilot and Paffcngers to the Chore. Dixi, eJfis Dii: at moriemini ut homines. It was not the leaJe or worff of Kings, that Paid , [I ama ffranger upon earth] Pfal. 119. 19. Vermi' fum, non ha- ;no : 1 am a worm, and no man,, Kai. 22. 6. Youare thegrea- ter worms, and we the little ones but we milli all fay with Job, ch.17. 13, 14. [The grave is our boufe, and we *tuft make our beds in darknefs : Corruption is our Father, and the Worm our Mother and our Sifter.] The inexorable Leveller is ready at.your backs, to convince you by,unrefitlibie argument, that dull-you are, and to duff you than return. Heaven (hould be as defrráble, and Hell as terrible mum as to others, No manwill G. 3 éefs.<,