Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

The Life of Faith. of malice, the unfaithfulnefs of friends, or rage of enemies,' thall fhortly fay, [Arque bee exemplis quondam crieílapriorum Nunc mihi funt propriis,cognita very malls.] There is but the Jiffrenee of an Eff and an Erit, between tbrir mirth and endlefs forrows: Their honour, and their endlefs (name, nor between our forrow and our endlefs joy. Their final honour is to be embalmed, and their duel to be covered with a fumptuous monument, and their names ex- tolled by the mouths of men, that little know how poor a comfort all this is to the 'Inferable foul. In the height of their honour youmay forcfce the Chyrurgion opening their bowels, and thewing the receptacles of the treafure of the Epicure, and what remains Of the price that he received for his betrayed foul. He cuts out the heart with a [H,e fides livoris Brant : jam pajcua vermis] you next tread on his in- terred corps, that's honoured but with a [Hiejam] [Here lyeth the body of fuch a one] And if he have the honour to be magnified by farne or hifloryi it's a fool -trap to enfnare the living, but eafethnot the foul in Hell. And thall we envy men fuch a happinefs as this ? what if they be able to command mens lives, and to hurt thofc that they hate for a little while Is this a matter of honour or of delight ? APeflilence is more honourable, if defiroying be an honour. `The Devil is more powerful (if God permit him) to do men hurt, than the greatctl Tyrant in the world : And yet I hope you envy not his happinefs, nor areambitious topartake of it. If Witches were not kin to Devils, they would never fell their Canis for a power to do hurt : And how little do tyrannical world- lings confider, that under a mask of Government and Honour, they do the fame ? Let the worldthen rrjoyce while we lament and weep : Our farrow (hail be fpeedily turned into joy; and our joy fhail no man tben take from us, Joh.16. 20, 22. Envy not a dying man the happinefs of a feather-bed, or a merry dream. You think it hard in them todeny you the liberties and comforts of this life, though you look for Heaven And will you be more cruel