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i The Life of Faith, oriel thanthe ungodly ? Will you envy the trifling commo- dities or delights of earth, to thofe that are like to have no more, but to lye inHell when the (port is ended ? It is un- reafonable impatience that cannot endure to fce them in filks and gallantry a few dales, that mull be fo extreamly miferable for ever. Your crums, and leavings, and overplus is their All. And will you grudge them this much? In this you are unlike your heavenly Father, that Both good to the jull and unjufl : would you change cafes with them ? would you change thefruit of your adverfity, for the fruit of their profpe- ricy. AfHiidion maketh you fomewhat more calm, and wile, and lober, and cautelous, and confdcrate, and preventeth as well ascureth tin. Profperitymakes them (through their abide) inconfideratc, rath, infenfible, foolifh, proud, unperfwadable. And the turning away of the frmple flayeth them, and the prof. perity of fools defiroyetb them, Prov. r. 32. It's long fince La- zarus's fores were healed, and his wants relieved ; and long fìnce Dives leaf} was ended. O let me rather be afíi.6ted, than reje&ed; and be a door keeper in the houfe of God, than dwell in the tentsof wickednefs : and rather beunder the rod, than turned out of doors. Look with a ferious Faith upon Eternity, and then make a great matter of enjoyments or tùf- firings here if you can. Great ¡oyes and forrows forbid men to complain ofthe biting of a Flea. Thunder claps drown a whifpering voice. O what unbeliefour impatiency and difquietncfs in fufíer- ings dodifcover ! Is this living by faith ? and converting in another world ? and taking God for All, and the world for Nothing ? What ! make fuch a do ofpoverty, imprifonment, injuries, difgrace, with Heaven and Hell before our eyes ? 7be Lordvoucbfafe one that condition, in which Ifrail be neareff to bimfelf, and bave wolf communion with Heaven; be it what it will be for the things of earth. Thefe are the defires to which I'le Rand. To tbanleGod for the fruit of paft afft ions, as the moll ne- ceffarymercies ofour lives (asCome of us have daily caufe)and at the fame time to be impatient under prefent aflit2iont, or in- ordinately afraid ofthofe to come, is an irrational as well as un- .believing incongruity. Arc