Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[8;'] Parifh in the Diocefs they contradic them- felves : Though fuch forfake many Presbyters and Parifhes. XLIX. 17. If Princes or Prelates {hall uáß juf{_ fy filence or depofe fo great a number of faith- ful Paftors Or Preachers, as ¡hall leave people deftitute of a neceffary Preaching and Pastoral help, it is no Sc.hifm, but a great duty, for fuch Minifters to preach, and paftorally guide filch people ; otherwife by the fame reafòn, one man might put down Chriftianity in an Empire at his pleafure; or dï,ffolve the Churches. L. Ifit be Paid, that it's true if he put down gill, but not ifhefilence but a minor part. We an- fwer, that the reafon is the fame to thole to whom the Menzftry ù neceiary, if he put down Minifters to them. The fiupply of tile Churches, .e.g in one City of a Kingdom; is no fûpply to the other Cities And if a Parifh have i0000, or j0000, or ,5000o, or 6000ó fouls, its no fupply to all the reft if s 000 of there have the benefit of a Preacher and Paftor. The fame power which may deny a Paftor to ten parts of a Pa- rifh, may deny him tö the eleventh part, chit: is, to all. So if competent Paftors be kt over halfthe Parifhes in a Kingdom¡ and the other half bath incompetent men ; or if nine parts of a Kingdom were competently fupplied, and but the tenth part had not filch to whom the people may lawfully commit the Pastoral Care of their fouls, it is no Schifm, but a duty for, thole that are deftìtute; to get the belt fupplyy they can ; and it is no Schifm, but a duty, for faithful Mi.. Differs, though forbidden by fuperiours. to per- form their Office to fuch people that delire it. G z Their