Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

Their General Ordination, with the peoples We ceffity and Confent added to God's 'General 'Com- mands to all his Minifters to befaithful and dili- gent, are a ffficient obliging C4l'to filch Miniftra- Lion, without the will of (prohibiting) Supe- riours ; yea againft it. For i. were at the will of a man whe- ther fouls fhall be faved or damned, (for how (hall they believe unlefs they hear? and how fhall they hear without a Preacher ?) and whe- ther (Thrift (hall have a Church ; and God be publickly worfhiped, or not. 4. Our Ordination confecrateth us to our Offre, during life d .And it is Sacriledge and Co- venant-breaking with God to caft it offand ali- ente our (elves. . 3. God hath défcribed the Office and the Work in his Word, and charged his fervants to give the children their bread in due feafon, and adjured them before God and=the-Lord Jefus Chrift, who (hall judge the quick = and thedead at his appearing, and his Kinggdoin,to preach the Word,& be inftant,in feafòn, & out of feafdn &c; .}. The indifpenfible Law ofNature obligeth every man according to his Place and Calling, his Ability, and his Opportunities, to do his belt to propagate Chrift's Gofpel, "and to fave mens fouls, as much and more than to feed mens bo- dies, and fàve their lives: But our Calling is to do it as Ministers of Chrift, thereto devoted. And we did not receive this Calling to be alter- ed, or forborn at the will of man, but to be per- formed according to the Word of God : Men being not the Makers of the Office, nor ofGod's Law under which we execute it ; nor the Do- nors