Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[87] . That certain experience platted] us paft doubt, that ignorance, fenfuality, worldlinefs, profanenefs are far more common, and a holy heavenlymind and life, and all feriofls Chriftianity and obedience far, very far more rare, in thofe Kingdoms and Parifhes which have no plain, convincing, ferions, livély and exemplary Preachers, than in thofe that have,although they be baptized, and have the Creed, Lords prayer and Decalogue in their Liturgie. And yet here are all things of abfolute objeÜ ive neceffity to falvation. What a cafe the Mofcovites are in, that have only Liturgies and Homilies read, we mentioned before:Andhow fad the cafe is among the Greeks, Armenians, Abafhns, and molt Papifts, for want of better Preachers . Bifhop `UU/her could fay of the Irifh, that more _ periated by not knowing what we are on both fides agreed in, than by their Popi h Errours ; And what a cafe the Scottifh Highlanders, too many ofthe Welfh, and molt Parifhes in Ergland were in, as to f6-ions piety, which had hereto- fore but Readers, or Preachers that did lets than read a Humilie, experience conftraineth us to know : as alto what difference there is yet to be feen as to ferions faith and godlinefs, between the fruits of a clear, ferions, holy, diligent Preacher, and of raw youths that fay over a pedantik lifelefs fpeech, and out of the pulpit little differ in fpeech or life, from Carnal Worldlings or formal Hypocrites. Though we know that all that profefs to be ferioufiv Religious, are not fo, yet none are fo that do not profefs it as they have opportunity, As we are not able to deny this experience G 4 of