Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[ 861 revealed before all the pleafures; riches and honours of this World. A Parrot fhall not be a Saint for raving the Creed. LIi. Thefe following matters of fact are pretuppofed to the anfwer of this objection, and in them all fòber Proteftants are ( as we fup pole ) agreed. I. That this aforefaid fincerity of Faith, Re- pentance, H6pe, Love, and Obedience, is made by God of nec fty to falvation. z. That as it will not profit a man to win all the World and loft his foul, fo neither will 4r ïnuxlformality,or obedience to fuperiours that hinder found Preachers,recompence him for the Lis of his foul ; And that -God would not have mens Government maintained by mens dam- nation, nor will the un?-odly be the belt mem- bers of Church or Kingdoms : Order is a means to Pave men, and not damn them, Tome few Heathensoffer to Devilsa facrifice of mans áefl, and blood : But if a man Mould offer to God ( the Laver, Saviour, and Sanaifyer of fouls ) a Sacrifice of the fouls of thoufands, and íy, All theft are to be kept in Ignorance and ti,,godlyneff and fo to 6e damned, topleafe God who ?wIll have them obey their fiiperictirs, at that rate ; this were a difhonour to God of unex- prefl^ible iniquity and errour. Chrift that hatli taught men to Peek frft his Kingdom, and ro rake up the Gras, and to forfake Father and Mother and Life and all to ferve him in the f c ng of their fouls, and had planted infeparably f /cue into our natures, fu rely did not mean fo ï C. ì'.raargv as that we. mutt forfake Chrift, and Salvation, to obey men,. 3. That