Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

The Epilile. do it onmy knees, and nothing more grieved me, than that I might not fo endeavour to fave men from the damning fins of Hating, falfe accufing, and ruining their Brethren, and facrilegious hindering the Preaching ofGods Word ; yet have I been called on to tell them what it is that we would have, and told that our Superiours judge us not fincere, but meer fa&ions Schifmaticks, that will neither Con- form, nor tell them why we do not. Vehement Letters of acçufation are tent me : Many Books charge us with heinous Schifm, even as wilfully done againft our confciences Yea that C. óvetoufleft and Pride, andnot Confci- ence, caufe our Nonconformity ; that we are the worji men alive, and unfit for humanefa- ciety, Úc. while we are made their fcorrì, and many want bread,and manyof us preach for nothing, fave the fpiritual benefits and rewards. And thofe of us that have bread, know of fo many that have families, and no- thing but alms to maintain them, that we are glad to give them all that our neceffities can (pare : And we fuppofe our accufers would not think that if they chofe beggery and (corn, or lived only on mens charity, it wáuld prove them to be covetous or proud. I have read the Books of Biíhop Morley, Mr. Stil°rnan, Mr. Fuiwood, Mr. Darel, Mr. Fow- lis, Mr. Falkener, Mr. Nanfen, Dr. ßoreman, Dr.