Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[99 gion will be corrupted, and the Church confounded. 4nfv. True ; therefore that muff not be I. There are Tome previous qualifications f) ef- fentially neceiary to the Ministry, that without them no man is owned as his Minister by Ch-ift nor should be by men. z. The Ordaincrs art to be Judges whether men bave thefè qta cations. 3. The people are dilcerning Judges which qualified ordained man (or to be ord. , in- ed) is meet for them ; fo far as it is necellary to their mutual Content. q.. If a Heretick or other intollerableperson thrust let up a Preacher ; or if any turn Heretick, the Orthodox Churches are (after due admonition) to renounce him as un- acceptableof their communion ; that he may be flurried and avoided.. 5. Ifyet he continue öbiinate, and do more harm than good,the Ma- giftrate is Ruler, and malt restrain him,and deny him leave fo to Preach in his Dominions; fo h do it not by penalties unfuirable to the offence: (Dif franchifng, discountenancing and shame, do usually more againft Heresies than cruelties.) But Neceffary Faithful'Deachers may not on thefè pretences be cafe out. LXII. 18. If the People conscious of their great Neceflity of Paftoral over fight and help, and of Chrift's command to tile it, do live in a Parifh or Countrey where they cannot have it. from thole that the Magifirate a11oveeth., either becaule they cannot perform it for them, or be- cause theywill not ; it is no Schism for luch to feek and use it, from worthy though prohibited m en. We before fpake of the Schilms of 7úachersy and now of Hearers. In this cafe men may just-- liz