Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[i®®j ly thus argue : [Our Neceffity requireth Pafforat overfight, and Chrift commmandeth us to ufe it,when we may have it : But from this publickMisaifi`er we cannot have it :Therefore we mui feek it where we can. That moll men have need of Paftoral overflght, is certain ; elfe Chrift would not have inftituted it for them: And every man fhould be confcious ofhis own need. That Chrift hath commanded us the ufe ofit is certain ; r. In all thole Texts which com- mand the Paftors their general and particular duties to the People, to Preach and be inftarit in feafon and out, to reprove, rebuke, exhort, to comfort the feeble minded, to vifit thefck, to convince the erroneous, to adminifter the Sacra- ments, to pray and worfhip God publickly with them, &c. a, In all thole Texts that command the People to hear, fubmit to, obey,and imitate filch Guides, and ufe filch Ordinances. In feve- ral cafes the. People May poffibly be deprived of this at home, as from the allowed Minifter : i. When publick Paftors are at fo great a di- fiance from them, as that fuch Paftors cannot come to them, nor they and their families go fo far, without filch inconvenience and trouble, as will frulrate the end of their endeavours: As in France where the P oteftants muff go twenty miles, or ten, to a Church ; which the weak, ciìildren and aged cannot do, nor the reft of the family without filch colt and pains, and lofs of time as will deprive them of the benefit. Obi. Brr yet the Protefizants there do not fet up unlicenled Churches. .And: That is not as an a t of formal obedience, as if they took it to be unlawful becaufe prohi- bited;