Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

C1®I1. bited ; but in prudence, becaufe the perfecution, thould they do it, would frullrate their attempt: In fuch cafes the old Chriltians met in fecret. 2. Where Parifhes are fo great that the allowed Paílors cannot Preach to halfor a fourth or tenth part of the people ; and cannot vifit half the tick, and Baptize, and adminiller the Lords Supper as is neceflàry ; And have no t time, if the ignorant, and doubting, and troubled perfons Ihould come to them for Counfel, refolution or comfort, to f>eak duely to one of twenty of them. In a Parifh of 50000 or 30000, or 20000 or 15000 or x0000 foules, how few is it that one or two Miniflers can perform all the Offices to, publick and private which the Gofpel requireth Pallors to perform. 3. Where the allowed Paflors are fo flothful or proud that they will not condefcend to thefe Offices, of Perfonal help to many thoufands efpecially of the poor. ' 4. Where they are young rawmen, or ignorant of fuch matters, unable to counfel people as their necefities require,in order to their falvation ; and perhaps to do it tolerably in a publick Sermon. 5. Where they are fo prophane and malignant, that if poor people corne to them with cafes of confcience, or for counfel what they mull do to be faved, they will but deride them as fcrupulous and precife, and make them believe that to be folicitous about falvation, and afraid of finning, and ferioufly godly, is but to be Hypocrites, melancholy or mad ; And perhaps bend their Preaching the fame way. 6. When they are Heretical' and not to be trufted in.point of faith. H 3 7. And'