Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[III] becaufe he had persuted others by the coon- tenance of Valens the Emperour : Though his perfecution extended not to the filencing of thoufands, or hundreds, or very many that we read of: And as is aforefaid, he chofe to be or- dained by banifhed men. r 3. -Efpecially if men have no obligation to that infuicient, heretical, or ungodly Prieft, but humane, becaufe a Patron prefented him, or a Magiftrate impofed him, or becaufe Parfh. order (which is a humane thing of meer convenience) will elfe Teem violated When as the avoiding of the danger of a falfe Pallor, and the guilt of his fin, which by owning him may be incurred, and efcaping the great lofs ofa faithful Paftor's guidance, when we are confcious that we great- ly need it, are things ofgreater importance, and of Moral and Evangelical Divine obligation : In this cafe we cannot prove it Schifin to avoid a wicked Prieft : The Bifhops hold it a duty to avoid a Nonconformift that hath not their Li- cenfe : But fuch a one as is foredefcribed, bath not Chrift's Licenfe, and is a Nonconformift to his Laws. Again, let it benoted t. That even under the Jewifh Law, Magistrates were not the chufers of the Priefts,but God chofe them-by fetling the Priefthood on one line. 2. That Chrift bath by his Spirit in the Apoftles altered the Priefthood, and the way of their calling and entrance under the Gofpel. 3. That the Church neer a thou- fand years was in poffefl'ion of that way, and many hundred of thole years the poffeffion Pi was univerfal in all the Churches. q.. That the chu- fng ofBithops or Priefts by Magistrates or Lay- Patrons